Homebuyer Resources

Homebuyer Resources

NMCDC’s community land trust homes are available to people who earn at or below 80% of area median income (AMI). Check the chart below to see if you qualify to purchase one of our homes:

Number of people in household

Annual income of those over 18 years of age *









less than $42,150

less than $48,150

less than $54,150

less than $60,150

less than $65,000

less than $69,800

less than $74,600

less than $79,400

People in household and annual income of those over 18 *

1 – less than $42,150

2 – less than $48,150

3 – less than $54,150

4 – less than $60,150

5 – less than $65,000

6 – less than $69,800

7 – less than $74,600

8 – less than $79,400

* (80% AMI HUD income limits are current as of May 3, 2021)

Interested in buying a home?

All interested homebuyers must complete an application to be on NMCDC’s CLT interest list. The interest list is not a waitlist, rather, it is a list of income-qualified applicants who we reach out to when homes become available for purchase. 

You can complete the following application requirements in any order. Completed applications should be dropped off or mailed to the NMCDC office at 1500 Burns St. 

  • Fill out an application packet
  • Gather copies of pay stubs and bank statements for the last 2 full months
  • Gather copies of federal tax returns for the last 2 years (forms 1040 or 1040A and all subsequent schedules)
  • Obtain a pre-qualification letter from a lender
  • Attend a homebuyer education workshop — you can do this through Homeword 
  • Attend of a personal homebuyer counseling session with a HUD approved housing counselor — you can do this through Homeword
  • Complete a personal orientation to NMCDC’s CLT program with our CLT Program Manager
  • Include a $25 check to cover the application fee made out to NMCDC

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