About North-Missoula Community Development Corporation

About North-Missoula Community Development Corporation

The North-Missoula Community Development Corporation, or NMCDC, is a community-based nonprofit organization and community land trust rooted in and serving the Northside, Westside, and Heart of Missoula communities.


The NMCDC develops permanently affordable homeownership opportunities for everyday neighbors, advocates to address structural inequities and meet community needs, and supports neighbors in building the community they want to live in.


The North-Missoula Community Development Corporation works to build healthy neighborhoods and communities of opportunity in which people of all ages, abilities, and means can live, work, and play.


The North Missoula Community Development Corporation has been a neighborhood-led and community focused organization since its inception. With strong community activist and advocacy roots planted by the early 1990s Northside Neighborhood Association, the NMCDC incorporated in 1996 and established itself as Montana’s first community land trust in 2000. Learn more about our story.

Meet Our Staff

Our small but mighty staff are Missoulians dedicated to working alongside neighbors to build communities that are healthy, vibrant, and engaged. We love our neighborhoods!

Meet the Board

The NMCDC Board of Directors brings together a dedicated group of Missoulians committed to increasing the health and vitality of the Northside and Westside neighborhoods. Our Board of Directors is made up of dedicated neighbors, community leaders, and CLT homeowners.

Take a Look at Our Successes

Since it’s founding, the NMCDC has been the primary grassroots driving force for the equitable growth of the Northside and Westside neighborhoods through new initiatives, programs, and projects, and has played a role in the creation of various well-loved Missoula organizations and community projects. Click the button to learn more about our accomplishments:

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