The North-Missoula Community Development Corporation, more affectionately known as the NMCDC, is a community advocacy organization. Our staff and board are all Missoulians dedicated to helping make the north and westside communities healthy, vibrant, and engaged.

The organization’s mission is to build from community strengths to form partnerships for economic revitalization and holistic land stewardship. Our vision is healthy neighborhoods and communities of opportunity in which people of all ages and abilities can live, work and play.

Lee Gordon Place

Lee Gordon Place

Lee Gordon Place is comprised of seven permanently affordable townhouses. Find out where we are in the construction process here.

Unit 15, Burns St. Commons

NMCDC vs. Non-CLT Homeownership

How does CLT homeownership compare to renting? CLT home ownership provides households stability and security. CLT homeowners have secure control of their homes, benefit from stable monthly housing payments, and the opportunity to accumulate equity.  CLT homeowners can also take

Burns St Commons home with changing fall leaves

How It Works

The goal of the NMCDC’s Land Stewardship Program is to ensure that attainable homeownership opportunities exist for individuals at all income levels, creating diverse and inclusive neighborhoods, now and into the future. NMCDC Community Land Trusts (CLTs) provides a stock