White Pine Sash

White Pine Sash Legal Defense and Education Fund

Update: MDEQ Record of Decision due just after the first of the year. Stay tuned.

leslie_wps_finalThe NMCDC has established a White Pine LDEF to support advocacy on behalf of the neighborhood in the matter of the clean-up at the White Pine Sash Superfund site. The NMCDC has a long history as a watchdog of the White Pine Sash (WPS) mitigation, starting with the organization’s incorporation in 1996, and has been a principal in several federally- and locally-funded investigational, educational, and legislatively-adopted community planning efforts related to the Facility, its former employees, and the adjacent residential and commercial neighborhoods.

Public comment opened at the proposed cleanup plan’s public hearing on Missoula on March 11, 2014 and lasted thru April 14th. Overwhelming (in a ration of more than a hundred to one) the public demanded a revision of the DEQ’s position to one that would require a residential-level standard for the site’s 19-acre vacant lands parcel.  Unfortunately, to this date the DEQ has been unresponsive the public’s outcry for a proper cleanup.  In looking at the history of the place it is abundantly clear why the public would want cleanup standards at a residential level.

WPS was a precision wood, window and door component manufacturing facility which operated from the 1920s through 1996. From the mid-1930s until 1987, milled wood products were dipped into mixtures of pentachlorophenol (PCP) and petroleum products. Some of these mixtures were released into the environment, contaminating soil and groundwater with PCP, petroleum hydrocarbons, and dioxins/furans. (source: http://www.deq.mt.gov/StateSuperfund/missoulawhitepinesash.mcpx)

For this reason the NMCDC has elected to retain legal council and create a legal defense and educational fund to support the neighborhoods’ continued fight for a full cleanup of the site.

Support our ongoing fight for the health of our neighborhood by contributing to the White Pine Sash Legal Defense and Education Fund: www.crowdrise.com/whitepinesash

The story of the White Pine Sash site is long one, with many participants. The following documents contain the full history of the White Pine Sash, the NMCDC’s official and public stance on the issue, and many articles, comments, reference documents. If you’d like to learn more or get involved in this important community issue, please contact us.