Doubling Dollars for SNAP Recipients in Western Montana!


Double SNAP Dollars is a program that provides an extra dollar for the purchase of fruits, vegetables, or seeds for each SNAP dollar spent (*up to $20 per day).

Where do I go to access this program?

Currently, SNAP users can get double the value when they shop at the Missoula Community Food Co-op the Clark Fork Farmers Market, the Missoula Farmers Market, the Polson Farmers Market, Whitefish Farmers Market, and the Columbia Falls Farmers Market. SNAP users can also use their cards to receive a half-priced CSA share from the Western Montana Growers Cooperative.

Currently, the maximum allowed amount of free matching dollars per-day, per-customer is $20.00. That means SNAP users can spend $20.00 on foods of their choice, and receive another $20.00 worth of fruits and vegetables free-of-charge.

How did this program start?

Piloted in 2015, and now partially funded by the USDA, the program was started as a collaboration between the North-Missoula Community Development Corporation, the Community Food and Agriculture Coalition, the Missoula Community Food Co-op, Missoula’s farmers markets, and the Western Montana Growers Cooperative.

I want more information! 

If you are interested in learning more about the program, feel free to stop in to the Food Co-op at 1500 Burns Street (one block east of North Russell, on the number 2 Mountainline route), go to any of the participating farmers markets when they start for the season, or call one of our program managers:

You can email Hermina at the North-Missoula Community Development Corporation or call her: 406-829-0873

You can email Kim, learn more on the Community Food and Agriculture Coalition website, or call her: 856-912-1080