Whittier Court HomesIn November of 2002, the Land Stewardship Program completed its first homeownership project, Whittier Court. The five-unit permanently affordable housing project involved the rehabilitation and restoration of an existing 1940s era house and the construction of four additional detached single-family homes on the same property.

Since its completion, Whittier Court has become a model for affordable housing projects, winning an award from the Missoula Historic Preservation Commission for “Sympathetic Infill Development in a Historic Neighborhood”.

The project has inspired the new homeowners to reach out and volunteer their experience and time to the community. Many of the new residents sit on neighborhood boards and councils. One of the original homebuyers, Jerry Petsaek, is the NMCDC Coordinator of the Land Stewardship Program. This kind of empowerment, which homeownership provides, cannot be achieved in any other way and the benefits echo throughout the community for generations.

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