Clark Fork Commons with blue sky in the backgroundClark Fork Commons is located along the Clark Fork River and Riverfront Trail System on the north side of the river, between Russell and California Street.

This unique location provides homeowners with bike/pedestrian access to many conveniences essential to healthy living, leaving residents just minutes via foot or bike from important infrastructure such as: the Missoula Carousel, Dragons Hollow Park, McCormick Park and Historic Downtown Missoula.

Besides the shops and stores of Historic Downtown Missoula, the Clark Fork Commons site is close to large grocery stores, St. Patrick’s hospital, and the neighborhood elementary school. The site is also on the school bus route.

Clark Fork Commons includes 23 multi-story townhomes and two single-story handicap accessible units, giving the development an urban atmosphere, while incorporating the scenic riverfront views. Each of the townhome units consists of three stories. Parking on the first floor is out of view from the building fronts, with the residential portions on the second and third floor. The units have two bedrooms, one and a half bathrooms and roughly 1000 square feet of living space.

In addition to mortgage payments associated with home ownership, owners of Clark Fork Commons homes also pay a monthly ground lease fee to the NMCDC (current lease fee for income qualified homeowners is $30) and an HOA fee which is $100.00.

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