The newest of the NMCDC’s developments, Burns St. Commons is located in the historic Westside neighborhood of Missoula and features 17 homes.

Each of the 17 homes comes with a stove, refrigerator, and energy-star rated dishwasher. Floor coverings consist of eco-friendly FLOR carpet squares and Marmoleum in modern, vibrant colors. All homes are built with energy efficiency in mind, and have added insulation and windows that are energy-star rated as well. A central boiler heating system provides low-cost, comfortable heat.

In addition to mortgage payments associated with home ownership, owners of Burns Street Commons  homes also pay a montly land lease fee to the NMCDC (current maximum payment for income qualified homeowners is $30) and an HOA fee and shared Utility Bill which are determined by the square footage of the unit.  While there is varriation of square footage between units with the same number of bedrooms here is an example what the HOA and utility fees could be: single bedroom unit has a HOA fee of $34 and Utility Bill of $78, two bedroom unit has a HOA fee of $56 and Utility bill of $118, and the three bedroom units have a HOA fee of $68 and a Utility Bill  of $152 per month.  To find the actual amount of HOA and Utility fees will be provided by the current HOA president.

The homes are located next to the Burns St. Bistro. And the city bus stop is just two blocks away.

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