Community organizing training for housing action.

From 5:30p until 7:00p

At zoom

Do you want to share your story? Do you want to organize and act for equitable and affordable housing? Community members and organizations across Missoula are gearing up to connect with as many neighbors as we can who are affected by our current housing crisis. Join us 12/8 for a training and kick-off event.
There will be two options for the training:
For months now, community members have been hard at work researching the complex causes of our present housing crisis - and finding the specific, concrete, and winnable issues that would tangibly improve equity and well-being for ourselves and neighbors, families, and friends. We are gearing up to act.
  • Sustainable funding for the Landlord Liaison and Risk Mitigation Fund
  • Centralized background check, credit check, and application fee for prospective renters
  • City committing to funding meaningful, third-party research on how mandatory and incentivized Inclusionary Zoning might benefit our community
  • Mandated community oversight processes for development of City-held land and land-banking practices
  • City investing money to expand our capacity to respond quickly to this crisis: more paid staff positions internally, paying national consultants, and finding sustainable funding for our Affordable Housing Trust Fund
These issues are huge and systemic; if we are going to change the direction of housing development and affordability in Missoula, it’s going to require a lot of people and a lot of power.
10 Common Good Missoula organizations, along with Forward Montana and other partner organizations, are going into the community to build relationships with people affected by this crisis - and then move into action together in early 2021.
Want to get involved? On Tuesday, December 8th we will be offering a training to share what we’ve learned in our research, teach you how to design an engagement and power building campaign, and line out our plan to take action.

[Work with the Housing Advocate Network]

If you are a community member who wants to get involved but are not already connected to a Common Good member organization, you can team up with the Housing Advocate Network (HAN). The Housing Advocate Network is a group of volunteer community members that advocate for and support individuals through the challenges of finding housing in Missoula.
Please join us.

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Let’s Talk About Housing: Community Organizing Training