From 5:30p until 7:30p

At zoom

When it comes to rapid growth and change in Missoula, we as everyday people often feel out of control. Development can feel like it's happening to us, rather than for us. How can we, as everyday neighbors, claim agency in our housing opportunities, corner stores, community centers, breweries, and more?

On June 1st, come together with neighbors to learn about community ownership models, including but not limited to cooperatives, and build relationships with other Missoulians who want to learn how to meet our community needs together! We'll discuss the benefits of and barriers to community ownership, learn about tools and examples from successful community projects, and build relationships with one another to help us move towards investing in our own community.

This event is being organized and hosted by neighbors from Franklin to the Fort and the Northside-Westside, along with NMCDC. The expertise on community ownership will be shared by our guest speakers from the Center for Community Ownership and Mission West Community Development Partners.


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Let’s Talk About Community Ownership