Community Organizing in the Northside and Westside 

At NMCDC, we are founded on the tenets of community-initiated action; it’s not our mandate to do for – but to act alongside community members who want to understand the forces that impact their lives and take action to improve their health and well-being. Through our full-time community organizer on staff, we support Northside and Westside neighbors in building stronger relationships and power to take collective action and change the circumstances that affect their lives. 

NMCDC is a proud member of Common Good Missoula, a broad-based community organization of 35+ institutions who are developing stronger relationships amongst everyday people, building power amongst thousands of people connected to our organizations, and taking action to improve the lives of people across the City of Missoula.

Northside and Westside residents can get involved with community organizing through the Northside-Westside CREW (Community Rising for Equity and Well-being)! And, soon, through the core team at Lowell School!

Want to know more or get involved? Email Sam ([email protected]), our Northside-Westside Community Organizer, or fill out the form below!

Northside-Westside CREW

The Northside-Westside CREW (Community Rising for Equity and Well-being) is a group of neighbors and community members who want to form stronger relationships and more a meaningfully connected community – wherein we really know one another and have the power to act and shape the future of this neighborhood. Through CREW, neighbors are building the community of our wildest collective imagination.

CREW is a reflective, relationship-based organization of folks who care about their neighborhood and one another! We are developing a culture and community of learning wherein neighbors and everyday people can learn about the forces that affect our lives: zoning, housing policy, mental health care, education, food access, transportation, development, etc. We believe that everyday people (we) should understand why things are the way they are – in order to imagine how we might act to change these circumstances!

What we’re working on:

  • Organizing mutual aid through the Missoula Food Bank Pantry at Lowell
  • Connecting with neighbors and surfacing needs through door knocking, house meetings, and community conversations
  • Educating and building capacity for community ownership of housing and businesses
  • Negotiating for equitable housing development and more homes that neighbors can afford
  • Developing alternative, equitable, community-led methods of public engagement around new developments and community planning in our neighborhoods

To get involved, fill out the form below and we will get you looped in!

For more information, reach out to our Community Organizer ([email protected]). You can also join our Facebook group – and follow us on Instagram @northmissoulacdc.