Burns Street Kids Club

playground2Thank you to our amazing partners at the Missoula Food Bank for providing nutritious and delicious free food for neighborhood kids all summer! The Burns Street Kids Club was a huge success this year:

During Summer 2016, thanks to Missoula Food Bank, we served FREE DINNERS for all youth Monday through Thursday from 5pm-6pm (during the last hour of the Kids Club)!

We reached over 60 kids this year with our on-site programming, cooking classes, field trips, snacks, dinners, and weekend backpacks of food. 

Thank you Missoula Food Bank, The Roxy Film Academy, Missoula Parks and Recreation, the Zootown Arts Community Center, EFNEP Nutrition, Garden City HarvestMontana Natural History Center, and Animal Wonders for contributing to a wonderful summer program!


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When is Kids Club? 

3-6pm Mondays – Thursdays while school is out of session during the summer.


In and around 1500 Burns Street.

How do I sign up?

Just show up during operating hours, and we’ll get you signed up! Feel free to call Hermina at 829-0873 with any questions!


Through our partnership with the  Missoula Food Bank, Kids Club participants get healthy snacks during program hours. On Thursdays, there are backpacks full of food available to take home for the weekend, including a weekly local veggie bag provided by local farmers.

FREE DINNER was a completely new and exciting part of our programming this year! The dinners included sandwiches, soups, milk, and fruits and vegetables! The free dinner site was open to all youth 18 years and younger.


Each summer is jam-packed with activities for participating kids. Here’s a glimpse of the 2016 program fun:

The Burns Street Kids Club serves the neighborhood as a drop-in center, meaning participants are allowed to come and go from the Center under their own power.