Missoula Co-op

Co-op Fall hours - M-F 12-8 and Sat-Sun 10-5:30The NMCDC is proud to have helped the Missoula Cooperative (Co-op) dream become a
vibrant reality through initial start-up funding of more than $230,000 and offering spaceĀ in the NMCDC-owned Burns St. Center.

Owner run and collectively managed, the Co-op partners with local farmers and producers and provides access to healthy, affordable, and local foods. Acting both as a local food resource and a community center, the Co-op’s location as part of the Burns St. Center in the heart of Missoula’s westside also makes it anĀ ideal forum for all things food and community-related.

Visit the Co-op website for news, more Co-op history, the Co-op Calendar, and information on all their products.

Missoula Co-op Building