Our Community Dinners, Real Meals, Kid’s Club, Missoula Outdoor Cinema, and Community Land Trust development would not be possible without the support of many compassionate, thoughtful, hardworking, and generous community members and groups.   Outside of financial contributions and volunteer time, our programs are in need of specific items.   Please take a look at our Wish Lists below and consider purchasing or donating a gently used item to the NMCDC.  Please message Heidi West with any question, and drop off or mail ordered items to:  NMCDC, 1500 Burns Street, Missoula, MT 59802

Kids Club Wish List

Direct link to the Amazon Wish is HERE! or individual likes to items are provided below.

  • Ziploc Bags
  • Sleeping Queens Card Game Thank you to an anonymous donor!
  • Candy Land Board Game
  • Rubber bands (for activity boards listed below).  Thank you!!!
  • GeoBoards (go with the extra Rubber Bands).
  • Lincoln Logs 
  • UNO Thanks to three pint sized sisters who came to Kids Club game in hand today!
  •  Wooden Checkers Board
  • Connect 4  Thank you!!
  • Frisbees   Thank you!!!
  • Wooden Solar System Puzzle Thank you to Christina Fiet-Ihnen!!
  • Dolphin Puzzle
  •  Fairy Puzzle
  • Colorful Construction Paper
  • Thick Markers
  • Thin Markers
  • Coloring Book (Relax) Thank you to an anonymous donor!
  • Color Fun  Coloring Book Thank you to an anonymous donor!
  • Color Cool Coloring Book Thank you to an anonymous donor!
  • Color Cute Coloring Book Thank you to an anonymous donor!
  • Color Animals Coloring Book Thank you to an anonymous donor!
  • Wooden Pattern Blocks   A BIG THANK YOU to the Decker Family for this awesome gift!

Missoula Outdoor Cinema Wish List

Direct link to the Amazon Wish is HERE!  or individual links to items are provided below.

A Missoula couple grabs popcorn before an MOC show
Photo Credit: Michelle Gustafson Photography
  • 2 or 3 Cable Protector Conduits
  • 2 1 Long Speaker Audio Cable (1 purchased. 1 more needed!)
  • 3 2 Extension Cords (One Purchased!  Thank you, Carlee Stolle)
  • 2 Speaker Stands (Purchased!  Thank you!!)
  • 1 laptop with DVD drive and HDMI port (Thank you to Advanced Technology Group for donating a Laptop that meets all of the Missoula Outdoor Cinema needs!)
  • 1 or 2 Extension Cord Adapters (1 arrived at our office!  Thank you!!! A second appears to have been purchased off of our Amazon wish list. Thank you!
  • 1 Power Strip (A BIG THANK YOU to an anonymous Outdoor Cinema Fan who sent this item our way!)
  • 1 to 3 Power Cables for Speakers and Soundboard (Purchased!  Thank you Anisa Goforth!!)
  • 3 Audio Cables RW – 3.5 Jack (Purchased!!  Thank you Carlee Stolle!!)
  • 3 Packages of Aprons  (Thank you Jack Rowan for purchasing a set of Aprons for the MOC!!! Thank you also to the, as of now, anonymous purchaser of the remaining aprons.)