Units listed below are currently on the market. For further details about each unit, please contact the corresponding realtor.

North-Missoula Community Development Corporation is not the owner of the units being sold, but we do own the land underneath, so you’ll have to take a look at our Homebuyer Application and get in touch before you make an offer on a home.  

If you are a realtor looking for information about how to facilitate a sale of a community land trust home (Burns Street Commons, Whittier Court, or Clark Fork Commons), please download: Buyer’s Agent Tip Sheet, or Listing Agent Tip Sheet

Clark Fork Commons Home For Sale

Clark Fork Commons

1401 Cedar Street Unit #17

1401 Cedar Street Unit #20

Burns St Commons home with changing fall leaves

Burns Street Commons

1400 Burns Street Unit #14


Whittier Court

None available at this time.


Lee Gordon Place

None available at this time.

For more information about our Community Land Trust, email us or download the Homebuyer Application.