Land Stewardship

The Land Stewardship Program works to build affordable homes in Missoula’s Northside and Westside neighborhoods. Using the nationally recognized community land trust model, the Land Stewardship Program owns land and holds it in a commonwealth for the community.

The trust lowers the cost of home ownership by separating ownership of housing from ownership of land. The benefits of a community land trust include:

  • Providing access to land and housing for people of modest means;
  • Promoting neighborhood preservation, revitalization and stability; and
  • Creating and maintaining housing that will remain affordable.

We’ve compiled the following documents to further outline important components of the land stewardship program. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us or take a look at our LSP properties.

Resale vs. Recapture

Community land trust homes developed by the Land Stewardship Program achieve permanent affordability through a method called recapture. The recapture method determines how much unearned equity has accrued in a home over the period of time it was owned by an individual. The unearned equity is then divided into two sums. The owner of the home (the seller) receives a portion of the unearned equity and the remainder of the unearned equity stays with the home – ensuring affordability for the incoming buyer. The division of the unearned equity is determined by the resale formula contained in the ground lease. Click here to learn more about Resale vs. Recapture.

Resale Formula

The resale formula is contained in Article X of the Land Stewardship Program’s ground lease. It is the method utilized to determine how much unearned equity an owner is allowed to  take out of the home at the time of sale. Click here to see Article X of the Land Stewardship Program Ground lease.

Area Median Income Chart


A household must earn less than the area median income in order to qualify for a Land Stewardship Program home. The income limit is determined by the number of people in your household. The income of any individual over the age of 18 is counted in the calculation.

Moderate Income (80%) 36,900 42,200 47,450 52,700 56,950 61,150 65,300 69,600