NMCDC is hiring a Community Organizer!

Position Start Date: September 2019

Job Description

Community Organizer: 32 hours a week

Hourly Salary:  $22 per hour

Position Reports to: Executive Director

Status: Non-exempt

Position Summary:

The NMCDC Community Organizer position is focused on reaching out to low- and moderate-income Northside, Westside, and residential Downtown neighbors in order to learn, promote and foster their self-determined vision for future neighborhood preservation and compatible development in the rapidly gentrifying context of both inside and outside-the-neighborhood real estate speculation.  This is a vision that would demand healthy neighborhoods and communities of opportunity for residents of all ages, incomes, and abilities to live, work and play. This vision must derive from an appreciation of, and commitment to, citizen-initiated neighborhood planning.

The candidate must be conversant with, or willing to learn, the importance of social determinants of human health, including access to decent and affordable housing and the essential need for living wage employment.  The position will also require planning for, and administration of, a summer nutrition and enrichment program for low-income neighborhood children and a quarterly free community dinner open to all comers.

The candidate will work with, and lobby to, a potentially large array of parties, including but not exclusive to: the Missoula Interfaith Collaborative as a member representative; Neighborhood Councils; school and church groups; neighborhood service nonprofits; unions and grass roots political associations of divergent political stripes; elected officials; local businesses; and, city department planning and community development staff, in order to identify neighborhood assets and capacities, which if properly protected and nurtured could positively influence neighborhood health.

Fully funded Position Responsibilities as related to a broader-based organizational affiliation:

• Attend national or regional Industrial Areas Foundation Training (5 days per training, 1 per year); 

• Attend three-day regional organizer training/gatherings (3 days per training, 2 per year); 

• Help teach quarterly Leadership Intensives (10 hours per training, 4 per year); 

• Meet with the Missoula Interfaith Collaborative Organizer Cohort, receiving support from Regional IAF Organizer (1-2 hours per week); 

• Attend Core Leader Gatherings where leaders from NMCDC all other organizations gather (1-2 hours per month); and, 

• Organize support to develop action on issues that NMCDC has decided to participate in. Also, be present at public actions (3-4 per year) that other members are putting on to show solidarity. 

Some qualities of a successful organizer are, but are not limited to: 

  • Critical social thinking and organizational courage — the ability to research, analyze, reflect, communicate, and challenge a conventional wisdom that does not sufficiently value the contributions of lower income or disenfranchised neighbors;
  • Anger & Edge—not temper, not ideological fervor, not an abstract commitment to “the people,” but a clear commitment to learning directly from neighbors a sense of what’s wrong, what’s right, and what needs to be accomplished in the community;
  • Impatience in the face of community-identified wrongs, and an urge to address them, even if community-driven solutions are unpopular with an established political and economic power structure; 
  • A Willingness to Cross Race & Culture—to be willing to work with people unlike oneself, people of other races, classes, orientations, and faiths; and, 
  • A Track Record of Leadership/Influence— in high school, college, the local community, or the workplace — of successfully relating to people, responding to situations that demand a solidarity of response; and success as a leader in whatever arena, career or social cause or that has compelled one’s time commitment. 

Ideal Prerequisites:

• Strong interpersonal skills and an ability to work in a diverse array of economic class settings; 

• Skills in leading group training; 

• Effective writing and communication skills; 

• Strong interest in learning and community advocacy; 

• Computer skills, including Microsoft office suite; 

• Ability and willingness to receive Industrial Areas Foundation Regional or National training; 

• Bachelor’s degree preferred in a socially relevant field; and,

• Reliable transportation, a valid Montana driver’s license, and willingness to consent to criminal background check. 

Physical Demands:

Elements of job duties, especially related to Children’s programs and community dinners may require occasional lifting, pushing and pulling up to 25 pounds, the ability to occasionally stoop, kneel, crouch and utilize reaching, handling, or fingering feeling movement. The ability to hear normal conversational discussion and near and far visual clarity is required. Candidates not able to meet such demands can possibly work with NMCDC staff or others to enable compliance.

To Apply:

Email nmcdc@montana.com a resume with a cover letter, two professional references, and one personal reference. Send application materials in PDF form by 5pm on September 3rd.

In your cover letter, please describe:

  1. Your experience working with people of differing backgrounds, cultures, income levels, gender identities, ages, and abilities
  2. What a just, livable community looks like to you