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Burns Street Square

B Street plansFour great projects, one great neighborhood -- Burns Street Commons; Missoula Community Food Co-op; Burns Street Center; Burns Street Bistro and Commissary.

Recent Developments

The North-Missoula Community Development Corporation is pleased to introduce the most recent developments at Burns Street Square: The finished and furnished Burns Street Center, a spacious meeting and event room available for hourly rental, and the Burns Street Bistro and Commissary, a restaurant and commercially-licensed rental kitchen.

Burns Street Center

Kids programs, event space-for-hire, and more to come!

In 2011, the NMCDC coordinated the first Burns Street summer program for West-side neighborhood youth. Through a partnership with Missoula Food Bank, NMCDC’s program provided neighborhood kids with free healthy snacks, activities, and a safe haven in a neighborhood lacking other options for youth activities. By mid-summer, 20 kids per day were streaming across the streets from all directions to play games, eat good food, and run through the sprinkler at Burns Street Center. Since the program’s end in August, the kids haven’t stopped showing up to ask when the program will start up again. As a response to the popularity of last summer’s program, an expanded kids program is in the works for 2012. A year-round youth hub, healthy snacks, and a backpacks program, providing kids with food to take home each weekend, are being worked into the fabric of Burns Street Center. As the kitchen develops (we still need an exhaust hood so we can cook hot food!), Burns Street's potential for more neighborhood food-focused programs will grow. Community dinners, cooking classes, and more food options for the neighborhood are within our reach.

Burns Street Bistro

The Burns Street Bistro brings scratch-made and locally-sourced foods, locally-roasted coffee, and a commissary kitchen-for-hire to the West-side neighborhood of Missoula. The Bistro hatched from the entrepreneurial dreams of four longtime Missoulians, and is now fulfilling the neighborhood’s well-documented need for a café and coffee shop. The business partners of Burns Street Bistro occupy the long-awaited NMCDC-developed kitchen, bringing a plethora of cooking, baking, and barbequing skill sets, and adding a new flavor to a blossoming neighborhood food hub. Burns Street Bistro opened its doors in April 2012. Stay in the loop about Bistro goings-on by visiting the Burns Street Bistro FaceBook Page

How is all of this Possible? A Community Land Trust!

All of the land under Burns Street Square is protected through NMCDC’s community land trust, the Land Stewardship Program, as a permanent commonwealth for Missoula.

History of Burns Street Square

The 1500 Burns Street site is just south of the MRL tracks and just east of Russell Street. The surrounding neighborhood has a median household income more than seven thousand dollars less than the rest of Missoula. The incidence of households receiving public assistance is twice as high here as in the larger city. Burns Street Square has come about after more than a decade of neighborhood surveys documenting the need for high-quality affordable foods, homes, youth programs, and community event space on the West-side. With widespread foundation and community support and a 2009 federal appropriations award, NMCDC remodeled the 1950s-era warehouse at 1500 Burns Street to make way for an expanded Food Co-op, the Bistro’s commercially-licensed kitchen, and the warmly-lit meeting space. In working to increase availability of local and high quality foods, Burns Street Square is on its way to bridging the gap between rural and urban Montana by providing a wider market for local farmers and ranchers - a place to share our regional harvest.

A Community-Wide Effort

We've received help in developing our vision, purchasing the property, constructing the facilities at Burns Street Square, and coordinating programs from the Catholic Campaign for Human Development, the US Department of Agriculture (Community Food Projects Grant), the State of Montana, Missoula Community Foundation, the City and County of Missoula, the Mission Mountain Food Enterprise Center, the Northwest Area Foundation, the Steele Reese Foundation, the High Stakes Foundation, and a number of local citizens. If you would like more information on the development of the Burns Street Kids Program, Burns Street Center meeting/event space rental, Burns Street Commons Homes, or if you would like to support any of NMCDC’s programs, please contact us at: (406)-829-0873.




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